Diamond Rings Are Deadly Things


Following are links to the individual posts cited in Book #1 of the Wedding Planner Mystery Series.
In Diamond Rings Are Deadly Things, each chapter features instructions for crafts, recipes, wedding tips, etc. Read along and enjoy creating something marvelous with Adri Pyper.

Chapter 1- Bridal Heirloom Creations: Ring Pillow

Chapter 2- Vintage Bridal Shower Favors: Five-Minute Lavender Sachets

Chapter 3- How to Create Coffee Filter Roses and bonus post How to Dye Coffee Filters to Create Roses

Chapter 4- Guest Book Quilt

Chapter 5- Calming Spritzer

Chapter 6- Simple Wedding Card Tutorial

Chapter 7- Keep Your Diamonds Sparkling

Chapter 8- Save the Dress! Stain Remover

Chapter 9- Berry-licious Cupcakes with Magic Glitter

Chapter 10- Storing Your Wedding Dress

Chapter 11- Conversation Starters: Place Card Tutorial

Chapter 12- Handmade Party Candles

Chapter 13- Bryn's Raspberry Cheesecake Squares

Chapter 14- Don't Peel the Potatoes!

Chapter 15- Sparkler Send-Off

Chapter 16- Garden Party Centerpiece

Chapter 17- Vintage Hankie Wedding Favors

Chapter 18- 1,000 Reasons I Picked You

Chapter 19- Laurel's Sweet Five-Petal Crochet Flower Pattern

Chapter 20- Cream Cheese-Stuffed Strawberries

Chapter 21- Comfort Me Hot Cocoa

Chapter 22-Strike A Pose

Chapter 23- Ice Cube Bliss

Chapter 24- A Twist On The Ring Pillow

Chapter 25- Chocolate Chip Raspberries

Chapter 26- Wedding Question Cards

Chapter 27- Key To My Heart

Chapter 28- I Heart You Refreshments

Chapter 29- Guest-Book Stones

Now you can  download a free PDF mini-guide with all of the tutorials, craft instructions, and recipes included in Diamond Rings Are Deadly Things. Click here for your free guide.

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