Friday, May 23, 2014

Sparkler Send Off Wedding Favors

Kristie here from Kristie Kreates. 
Today I have a fun project that will add some sparkle to your wedding.
The first thing you will need is some card stock.
I have used a variety of colors for my examples, 
using your wedding colors would be lovely.
Cut the card stock to 4" x 6"
Choose a stamp that you like and randomly stamp
on the 4x6 cards.
I have used a corner rounder on my cards, if you don't have one
you can leave them with squared corners.
Next you will need to print out the
"invitation" to "The Big Send-Off"
I have printed mine in a coordinating color of ink
Now cut them to approximately
2 1/4" x 4 3/4"
You can leave the invitation plain or take it a step further 
and stamp with the same, or perhaps a different coordinating stamp,
 in the corner of the invitation.
Now adhere the invitation card onto the base card.
Using a craft knife, cut a slit approximately 3/4" long along the top 
of the invitation card, as well as along the bottom.
Using long sparklers thread them from the front of the card, through the slit
to the back and out the bottom slit.

On the big day, have the sparklers handy for your guests.
Perhaps you could have your flower girl or ring bearer hand them out.
Or arrange them in some favorite vases.
If you are having a beach wedding, how about in pails.
Or in a basket.
You might want to leave whatever you put them in plain
or you could decorate it with ribbons or flowers.
How ever you decide to do it
"This Sparkler Send Off "
will be sure to light up the night.

 You may have noticed that my 'sparklers' look a little different.
That's because they aren't real sparklers.  
Where I live fireworks are illegal, except sparklers,
but they are not readily available other than around July 4th.
So, I made some "faux sparklers"  to be able to show you this 
project idea.
I hope you have enjoyed this fun wedding idea.

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Chapter 15- Sparkler Send-Off
The big send-off is at 11:00 p.m.!
Print announcement of the send-off on 4 x 6-inch pieces of
heavy-weight cardstock. Cut two slits, one at the top and one at the
bottom of the announcement. Slide one sparkler through the slits.
Arrange sparklers and announcements in a vintage bucket or basket.
Have helpers ready with torch lighters just before the time of the
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