Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Keep Your Diamonds Sparkling

 Chapter 7 Tutorial: Keep Your Diamonds Sparkling

A little tip from Rachelle

 I've been married to my sweetheart, Steve, for 15 years and this is the diamond ring he gave me all those years ago. It's been through a lot of wear, had to be re-pronged and frequently is dirty since I have four kids and endless household chores.
 I only get it cleaned when I go to the mall, and the shop we bought it from checks and cleans it, so if you look closely in the picture, you can see it isn't sparkling today because I don't go shopping much.

Here's a great little solution that only takes five minutes to keep your diamond sparkling!

Soak your diamond ring in a warm solution of liquid dish
detergent and water for five minutes.

Use a soft brush if necessary
to remove dirt. Soft is the key—don’t use a brush with bristles that
are stiff enough to scratch the ring’s metal setting.

Swish the ring
around in the solution and then place it in a colander (so you don’t
lose it down the drain). 

Rinse it thoroughly in warm water. Dry with
a lint-free cloth.

 Now look at that diamond ring sparkle! Hopefully you can tell a difference from the pictures. If not, try it, you'll definitely smile when you notice the difference on your own ring!

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