Saturday, August 25, 2012

Spoon Bugs for Kids

Need a crafty activity to deal with those back-to-school bugs? We have just the thing!
I needed a break from the diva wedding I'm planning, so I helped Rachelle and her mom with her crafty Grandma activities!

SPOON BUGS--I know-- can't we come up with a more clever name than that?

 All you need is a little Plaster of Paris, plastic spoons, paint, toothpicks, or other accessories. Mix up your plaster with a bit of water, pat a blob into a plastic spoon. We grabbed a plastic soup spoon, regular, and dessert spoon so the kids could have a Daddy, Mommy, and baby bug.

Then we cut colored toothpicks and let the kids put legs and/or antennae on their bugs. That was a little tricky and I should have got a picture, but you have to think upside-down because the plaster of paris needs to dry in the spoon, so the little legs were sticking up and the antennae were pointing down.

After the spoons were arranged, we set to work waiting for them to dry....

It takes about 3-4 hours.

Mr. D took a break to hold the baby kitty. Oops, not like that!

Okay, that's better . . .

Once the plaster is dry, gently pop the bugs out of the spoons.
The kids absolutely loved their bugs! They couldn't wait for them to dry, so that they could start painting.
We used little foam brushes and different sized paintbrushes and let the kids go to work on the patio, painting to their hearts content.
The finished product was picture-worthy and the girls immediately set to work making a home for their bugs.
What do you think? Let's have a SPOON BUG PARTY!


  1. These are so cute. Will have to pin these for future use. I have a bunch of friends with little ones that will love this idea! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks Kristie! They hold up pretty good to all the lovin' my kids have given them. :)