Hi! I'm Adrielle Pyper--Adri. 
So glad you stopped by! My mom, Laurel, and I love sharing "How To" craft and recipe ideas with you. This site was created to bring a little crafting goodness to your home from Mashed Potatoes and Crafts.

Our Mission is to encourage crafting happiness and a love of homegrown cooking!
We were born and raised in the farmlands of rural Idaho and we hail from the lovely little town of Rupert (population about 6,000).

A little more about Adri: I'm a farm girl. I love walking barefoot through the pasture, feeling the sand sift through my toes. My mom taught me to sew and make cards with rubber stamps and encouraged the creative streak she saw within. I used to experiment with new recipes on my family, and Mom's guidance helped hone my skills into edible goodness. 
I'm also a wedding planner! I know, it's busy and I just moved to the beautiful city of Ketchum, Idaho which borders the famed Sun Valley Resort. Sun Valley is the perfect place for a romantic getaway and so I'm busy launching my new wedding planning business. I hope to have pictures to share with you of some of the crafting features I'm weaving into Adrielle Pyper’s Dream Weddings, Where happily ever after is your destination!

A few tidbits about Laurel: Her favorite quote is, "She who dies with the most fabric wins!" My mother is an excellent seamstress.  I don't like following a pattern, so when I need interpretation, Mom is the source. She used to make all of my clothes and for my big brother, Wes, too. She is an amazing gardener,  incredible housekeeper, and my best friend. Mom loves to live in the country, go for long walks with our dog Samson, can fruits and vegetables, plant trees, and watch the full moon rise above the desert plains dotted with sagebrush.

 More about the sMashing gals:
We love all things crafty, and delicious meals made with Idaho spuds, especially mashed potatoes! 

Email us at mashedpotatoesandcrafts@gmail.com 

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