Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Give it some dimension!

Kristie here from
Kristie Kreates
I love to add dimension to my cards.
Today I'm going to show you how to add dimension
by layering an image on your cards.
To start I stamped the same image 4 times.
Once on the card base and 3 times on another 
piece of card stock.
I colored the flowers using colored pencils and Gamsol.
You can see here where I will be cutting the flowers into sections.
I finished coloring the flower on the base card
and put a very light blue around the flower on the rest 
of the card base.
I then cut the other 3 flowers into the layers I would be using.
Below I colored the same flower pieces in different colors
to show how they are layered.
For the largest full flower
I used foam tape to adhere it to the card base.
I put it directly over the flower on the card base.
The second piece I put a small piece of foam tape
on the back.  I also used a bit of glue at the bottom of the
piece. The glue adheres it to the flower and the foam tape
gives it the dimension.

The last piece I used glue at the bottom and a piece of 
foam tape for the dimension.
I also used a bit of glue on the upper right and left
to hold down the edges of the petals.
Here is the flower all together, with the different colors
you can see where each piece goes.
Here is the card all put together.
I like the clean and simple look of it.
I could stamp a sentiment on the top half of the 
card when I'm ready to use it, for now, I'm leaving it
It's difficult to get a good picture showing the 
dimension on the card, but I've tried my best.
I hope you can see the dimension in the flower below.
Here's another picture showing the dimension.
This also shows another issue I'm going to deal with.
When you fussy cut a stamped image, the edges of the 
cut pieces are white.
You can see that in this picture.
The solution to this is to take a black marker and run it 
along the edges of the fussy cut pieces,
in essence, coloring the edges of the pieces.
This gives a cleaner, more professional look to the 
finished card.
Below you can see there are no white edges on the flower,
and I think it looks much nicer.

Thanks for stopping by today.
I hope you'll think about giving your cards and 
projects a bit of dimension.

I hope you'll stop by my blog and see what else
I'm up to.
Until next time, have fun crafting!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Make your own "enamel dots"

Hello crafty people!
Kristie here from Kristie Kreates 
Have you seen the many types and colors of
enamel dots out there on the market?
There are a lot of companies that make them
in different colors.
If you search the internet, you will find varying prices,
but most of the ones I see cost about $3.99 for a few dozen
of one color or possibly a couple coordinating colors.
Today I'm going to show you how to make your own.
If you have children that do crafts you may know what Perler beads are.
They are those little beads that you arrange in a pattern,
then you iron over the top of them to melt them together.
They are very inexpensive and come in a lot of colors.
Here is what I bought at my local big box craft store.
I found them on clearance AND got a % off with a coupon.
Click on the picture and you can see on the label 
some pictures of the crafty things you can do with them.
But today, we'll be making some enamel dots.
First thing to do is line a cookie sheet with parchment paper.
If you have a teflon oven sheet you can also use that.

Next put the beads onto the cookie sheet, with the 
holes up.  This is a little tedious, so I put on a crafting 
video or watch tv while I do it.
Now put them into a 300 degree oven.
I found that 30 - 32 minutes at this temp works great
with my oven.
You may have to change the length of time 
depending on your oven.
Perler beads are meant to melt and do not
put off fumes or smell at all.
Here is my first batch ready to come out of the oven.
This is how the striped beads turn out.
I think they should have stayed in the oven a little longer,
as they have a tiny "dimple" in the top of some of them.
Here is my next batch.
These were all plain colored beads.
They came out nice and smooth.
I have done a few batches and just love them.
Here is a picture showing some of the beads (top 3) before being melted
 and some after (bottom 3)
I'm sure you're wondering what I'll be doing with all these
enamel dots.
Some of them I'll keep for myself to use on scrapbook layouts
and cards that I make.
A lot of them will be used as part of some "goodie bags" that will
be given out at a scrapbooking event in a couple months.

I hope you'll give these a try.
Why don't you pop over to my blog
and see how I've used some of them.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out this month's
crafty tutorial.  Let me know if you try this out 
and how you like using them.
Until next time, have some fun crafting!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Creating a Watercolor Background

Hello crafters!
Kristie here today from 
Today I'm showing you an easy way to make a
watercolor background.
Here's what you need.
A couple colors of Distress Ink,
A small spray bottle filled with water.
A tag and/or watercolor paper
which I used but didn't show here.
On a craft mat or other non absorbent surface
(such as wax paper or glass)
Smooch (yes that is a very technical term) your ink onto 
the mat.
Give it a few spritzes of water.
Next put your paper onto the wet ink surface.
Here I'm using the watercolor paper.
If you have "uncolored" spaces,
blot up more of the color, until you are
happy with the look.

Here are the watercolor paper and the tag when they 
were finished drying.
You can use any number of color combinations.
I hope you'll try this technique and see what you can come up
with.  To see what I did with these "creations" 
hop over to my blog 
where I'll post what I made with them.

Thanks for stopping by today,
I hope you'll stop by again soon.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Making Use Of After Christmas Clearance items

Hello everyone!
I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and are
having a wonderful 2015.
Kristie here from Kristie Kreates.
Do you do after Christmas bargain shopping?
I did a bit of that the other day and today I'd like to show
y'all how I'm using one of my bargain buys.
I found these foam shapes at 80% off at Michael's 
and I knew exactly what I would use them for.
First I stamped and colored an image and created a card base..
I measured the image and took off a little bit on each side.
You can see I noted the size I wanted at the side of the
foam shape.  I cute the center of the shape to that size.
I'll keep the pieces I cut off for another project.
I applied adhesive to the back of the foam.
and applied it to the back of the colored image.
Here you can see that it covers most of the back
and has just a little dimension.
I usually have used pieces of foam tape to give dimension 
to a card.  With the foam piece covering the 
back this way, you don't get any "sagging" in the center of the
card.  It is just a little more uniform.
And I'm using something I got at a bargain price.
Here's the card all done, ready for a 
sentiment to be stamped in side,
or a personal note to be written.

Did you get any after Christmas bargains that 
you'll be using for something other than their
intended purpose?

Thanks for stopping by today for my 
crafty tutorial.
Come again soon
and until next month when I'm back
with another tutorial,
have fun crafting.

For more inspirations be sure to stop
by my blog
and see what else I've been creating!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Handmade Party Candles

Handmade Candles- Chapter 12

We had some extra fun with this project! My kids all got to make a little candle using dixie cups as the mold. The possibilities are endless, so don't be shy. Melt some wax and get started!

Measure the depth of a Styrofoam cup or other heat-resistant
but temporary container.

Cut cotton wicking one and a half times
the depth of the container.

Melt paraffin wax (one pound of paraffin
melts to about 20 fluid ounces) in a double boiler. Or if you melt scented wax, you can melt down your used wax from Scentsy candles, etc.

For this step, I had an old emergency candle that got melted in the summer heat of the trailer that my hubby and I lived in when we were first married! Yes, it was that hot in that tin can! I finally decided to do something with it since it couldn't be burned as a candle in its current state!

 After melting down, add essential oils for your favorite scent.

Stir in dried rose petals, eucalyptus leaves, berries,
or wood shavings, using about four parts wax to one part mix-ins.
Wrap one end of cotton wicking to a pencil that is slightly longer
than the diameter of your container, and tape the other end to the
inside bottom of the container. The wick should be slightly taut. Alternatively, you could set up something like I have pictured below. We put the candles on my cooling rack and taped the wicking to the underside of the cupboards.

Pour wax into your container and adjust the wick as needed. I poured in different colors of wax in layers and let each one set up for about five to ten minutes before adding the next layer and mix-ins. Once the wick is centered and taut, allow 24 hours for the wax to harden.

Then cut the container and peel it away to reveal the candle. Trim the wick to
¾ inch. This was quite the exciting step for my 4 year old!

Wrap twine or ribbon around the candle if desired.

In my book, this candle idea is used as a centerpiece for the wedding celebrations/reception. These candles also make great holiday gifts and fun decor ideas.

Here are four of my kids showing off their candle creations!

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