Friday, August 15, 2014

Strike a Pose! Fun Twist on The Wedding Guest Book

Chapter 22: Strike A Pose!
Kristie from Kristie Kreates here with another great 
wedding reception idea.
How fun would it be to set up a "photo booth"
with lots of fun props for people to take pictures with.
Here are a few things that I gathered together as examples.
Depending on the type of props you want,
you can raid your Halloween costume supplies,
hit up the Dollar Store,
borrow things from relatives and friends,
check out the thrift stores, 
there are lots of places to find your props.
Do you want to have a little fancier props,
how about a "red hat society" hat and some scarves?

Maybe you have some musical guests,
find some instruments to include.

There's always the silly stuff too!

Set up your table with whatever props you prefer,
make up a sign encouraging your guests to 
join in the fun.
Here are a few examples
   Depending on your style,
you can make your sign reflect your 
personality or the theme of your wedding. 

And the results?  
Just check out these silly pictures below that 
I took of myself.

A wig and a hat and a silly expression,
you have a priceless memory.
People can have all kinds of fun with your 
photo booth.
See if your photographer can take a few shots 
from a distance.
You might want to provide several 
one time use cameras for people to take pictures with,
or a digital camera set up on a tripod.
How fun would it be to see all these pictures 
when you come back from your honeymoon?
People would love to receive them as a fun 
token enclosed in their thank you note.
You could make a small photo album of 
"My Crazy Family and Friends"
with all the pictures in it.
Looking back at these years later will be such fun.

Thanks for stopping by today for another 
wedding idea.
Have fun!

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