Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Scent-sational Gift

It's time for a tutorial!
Kristie here from Kristie Kreates.
Have you ever been in a store and seen something like this?
These soaps are lovely and make great gifts,
but sometimes you want a smaller gift
and splitting up the box into 3 gifts is a great idea.
My friend needed to have about 45 gifts,
so we went about creating a box for each bar of soap.
First we cut the card stock to size.
Next we scored the card stock to the size of the soap plus 1/8"

Fold on all score lines.
On the long sides, cut on the folds to the score lines as shown below.
On one end, cut the corners as shown.
Apply adhesive to the small flaps.

Fold in flaps and fold up the sides.

Now you have a little box.
The soap fits perfectly.

And the box closes nice and snug.
The last thing is to make a belly band to go
around the box.
Cut a strip of paper that will fit around the box
and overlap with enough space for the adhesive.

Fold the band around the box.

Apply adhesive and secure.
Band can be slipped off and replaced as needed.

Here I just tied a ribbon around it to finish it off,
you could decorate it any way you please.

These really are quite simple and make lovely gifts.
My friend was using them for the nursing staff on one
of the units at her local hospital.
She attached a tag that said
"You are Scent-sational"
I would have given measurements,
but if you have something of a different size,
that would do you no good at all.
If you have any questions
 or need help figuring out sizes and
where to score etc. feel free to ask. 
 I'd be glad to help you figure out
what size you need for your little boxes.
If you check out my blog
Kristie Kreates,
you will find a link to e-mail me.
I'd be glad to have you come over
and see what else I've been working on.
Leave me a comment and let you know you've visited.
Thanks for stopping by today.
I hope I've inspired you to think about different
ways to "package" things.
Little gifts like this are great for
shower gifts,
gifts for co-workers,
thanks you gifts for staff at a hospital or nursing home,
teacher gifts.
I'll be back next month with another crafty tutorial.
Until next month, have fun creating!