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Create Your Own Guest Book with Wedding Question Cards

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Today I'm showing you an idea for creating a unique 
Wedding Guest Book.
Using your computer create a "question card" template.
I have used a simple, elegant design for mine.
Printing 4 on a standard size piece of 8.5" x 11" card stock works well.  
These make a perfect size and are easy to trim into individual cards.

Put a question relating to you at the top of each card.
I have used 4 different questions on my cards, 
but would suggest at least 6-8 questions.
You can have as many questions as you like.
Print multiple copies of the questions.
Trim them to individual cards.

At the reception, instead of your guests signing a traditional "Guest Book"
encourage each guest to choose a card, write the answer to the question
and sign the card.
You might want to have a basket filled with these cards or
lay them out on a table.

Be sure to have plenty of pens for your guests to use.
You might even have customized pens that the guests can take home
 as a small remembrance of your wedding day.
After the wedding, you can put all the cards into
 a small photo album,
create pages in a scrapbook, 
or make a book out of the cards themselves.

Here are the questions I used on the cards:
What is the best marriage advice you have ever received?
What should we name our kids?
Where do you see us in twenty-five years?
What is the most romantic place we should visit?

Thank you for stopping by today,
I hope you will consider using this idea and
making a unique guest book of your own.
You will be sure to get much pleasure from it for years to come.

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Chapter 26-Wedding Question Cards
Create six to eight questions that members of the wedding party
can answer about the bride and groom (questions that encourage
brief answers are best). Print one question each on a sheet of cardstock.
In place of just signing a guest book, encourage guests to pick
a question to answer and then sign.
Some examples of questions:
“What is the best marriage advice you have ever received?”
“What is the most romantic place we should visit?”
“What should we name our kids?”
“Where do you see us in twenty-five years?”
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