Wednesday, November 20, 2013

High chair makeover & tips for sewing with oil cloth

Brave Brooke from Wayward Girls' Crafts here! A friend of ours gave us a high chair. I didn't love the cushion so of course what did I do? I recovered it! I chose orange with white polka dots oil cloth. I used the same techniques that I did on this tutorial. Here are some pictures.


My husband said it looked like a sour patch kid. 

After- it looks a little wonky because of how she slouches when she eats

Also I wanted to add a couple tips for sewing with oil cloth:

  • Use a heavier duty needle. Size 16.
  • If you're having problems with the oilcloth sticking to your presser foot use clear tape on the underside. This can also help with sewing vinyl. 
  • Make sure you're sewing the right thing. When you make mistakes and have to pick it out it leaves holes.
  • If your oilcloth is creased I saw some suggestions to leave it in a warm room. My husband was kind enough to use my blow dryer and to warm up the pieces and convince them to flatten out.
  • Oilcloth cannot be washed so make sure you avoid leaving the backside open to get dirty from little hands. 
Here she is enjoying it (please excuse the quality of the phone picture!).

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