Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bakers Twine

Hello blog friends!
Kristie here today from Kristie Kreates.
I can't believe it's May already!
The spring weather has finally come to my part of the country and I'm hoping it will stay now.
But that's a whole other post, it's time we talk about
Baker's Twine.
Baker's Twine is pretty popular in the papercrafting world
and has been for a little while now. 
 It comes in a lot of different colors
and can be used on cards and layouts,
tags and altered projects.
But no matter how many colors I have on hand,
there always seems to be a project that needs a color I don't have.
I have a solution.
I make my own!
Today I'm going to share how to do that with y'all.
You only need a few supplies.
Crochet cotton, or any kind of white string.
A ruler, or sometime similar, maybe a paint stir stick.
Sharpie markers or alcohol ink markers
 (Copics, FlexMarkers, whatever brand you prefer)
The first step is to wind the crochet cotton (or string) around the ruler.

When you have the amount you want, be sure it is pushed tightly together.

Using a marker, draw stripes on the string.
Be sure to draw the stripes both ways on the string, 
 go over it a few times so it is good and dark.
Here I have used a green alcohol ink marker.
Experiment with how far apart you draw the stripes and see what you like.
Here I have used 2 colors. 
You can do whatever you want as far as color, customize away!

Once you are done with the stripes, just unwind it from the ruler.
Now you have customized baker's twine for your projects.

For storage, I use a piece of heavy card stock or cardboard.
Just wind it around the card,
cut a slit in the side and secure the end of the twine in the slit.
Crochet cotton is pretty inexpensive
and you probably already have some markers that you can use. 
I haven't tried this with any other types of markers,
but I don't see why it wouldn't work
with any kind that you might have,
it's worth a try.
Thanks for stopping by. 
I hope this has inspired you to make some of your own baker's twine
 and create something beautiful with it.
I'd love for you to stop by my personal blog
and see what other things I have been creating.
Until next month, have fun creating!

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  1. What a fab idea! I have a ton of crochet cotton that would be perfect for this craft! Thanks!