Friday, February 1, 2013

Dishwasher Helps

I have some great little helpers at my house. My boys, age 4 and 2 love to work in the kitchen. I've started training them on how to unload the dishwasher. Since I recently posted on how to clean your dishwasher, I thought you might enjoy these pictures--watch the sequence of events.

2yo can't quite reach the silverware in the back, so he climbs right in the dishwasher.
4yo waits for 2yo to hand him the silverware...
                           Oops! Good thing big brother was there to break his fall!
And after all that they still both love to help!

Stay tuned for more tips in our cleaning series: 25 Places You Didn't Know Were Dirty and How to Clean Them!
I'm planning to have several tips posted to kick-off your spring cleaning. I'm already craving deep-clean and warm weather!

How about you? When do you get the itch for spring cleaning?