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The Dishwasher on 25 Places You Didn't Know Were Dirty and How to Clean Them

Today the post is on my segment called 25 Places You Didn't Know Were Dirty and How to Clean Them!

25 Places You Didn't Know Were Dirty and How to Clean Them!

Tip #2 The Dishwasher

Spray inside of dishwasher with disinfectant and use a grout brush to scrub out all crevices. 
It's your lucky day because I happened to find a VERY dirty dishwasher to use as an example. I won't name any names because I'm nice like that but you'll see this can be easily remedied.
I have an old dishwasher because my house was over thirty years old when I moved in. My husband and I have taken the thing completely apart before, but it's been a couple years. Hmm, what a coincidence that I'm getting back to this and my youngest is now two years old.

*One of the dirtiest areas in a dishwasher is around the seal and the door. Scary!

 Even as scary as that looks, it only took me about fifteen minutes of scrubbing with two little helpers to get this dishwasher ready to sparkle.

After scrubbing out the seal, make sure you get down where the door shuts. Remove the bottom tray and turn yourself upside down to see all the grime or not, just reach your grout brush and scrub away!

 Then use a glass cup filled with white vinegar and *my secret ingredient is about three drops of Lemon Essential Oil in that cup. I used doTerra oil. 

Stand the cup in your top rack. Run dishwasher empty on hottest cycle. 

Always run your disposal before you start the dishwasher and spray out your sink with hot water. That hot water connects to the dishwasher so when you start the wash cycle, the water will already be hot.

And voila! Your dishwasher will be sparkling and so much better smelling and looking! 
That seal looks brand new!

Remember for Tip #2 The Dishwasher
Grout Brush/scrub brush on seals and door
glass measuring cup
Lemon Essential Oil
Run Quick Cycle on hottest temperature

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  1. Thanks for this "tip" We just got out dishwasher fixed after not having it for a couple years and this will come in handy. Thanks!