Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Double embossing

Happy New Year!
Kristie here today from
I have a tutorial for you today, showing what I call
'double embossing'
Dry embossing and heat embossing on the same project.
To start you will need a piece of plain colored card stock.
I used black which gives a good color contrast.
The first step is to use an anti-static of some kind.
I used an X-Static, there are several different brands
of these anti-static pads and tools. 
You could also use a dryer sheet. 
Using this will cut down the embossing powder that sticks
where you don't want it.
Next apply VersaMark ink to the inside of an embossing folder.
I applied it to the side that would press down into the card stock.
When applying don't press hard, you only want to apply to the raised areas.
Place your card stock into the folder, be sure to place the side that you used the anti-static on facing the side with the VersaMark.
Run this through your Cuttlebug or another
die cutting/embossing machine.
After dry embossing the card stock,
immediately apply embossing powder
to the side that has the VersaMark.
The embossing powder will stick to the VersaMark.
You can use a paint brush
to brush away any embossing powder
that is stuck where you do not want it. 
Even though I used the anti-static pad,
I still did have a bit of powder that stuck in unwanted areas. 
I think the fact that the folder is plastic
 may have something to do with this,
 as plastic tends to have a bit of static cling.
 BUT it's easy enough to brush off.

Using a heat tool, heat embossing powder
until you can see it become shiny.
You must use a heat tool, a hair dryer will not work.
There are many different heat tools on the market.

Helpful hint:
If you heat the back of the card stock as well
as the front it will help to keep it from warping.
I usually heat the back first while the gun is heating up.
See how shiny the silver is?
I didn't take the time to brush off all the stray embossing powder,
so there are stry bits of silver, but that doesn't bother me.
This technique tends to have that "not perfect" look.
If this bothers you, you can just brush off more before
heating it.
I mounted my double embossed piece
on a plain white card stock base.
I embossed my sentiment with the same
silver embossing powder, trimmed it down,
layered it onto white card stock
and adhered it to the card with foam tape.
And my card is done!
Thanks for stopping by today for my tutorial.
I hope you will try it out. 
It's a lot of fun and depending on the embossing folder
and the color of the embossing powder
it can have so many different looks.
If you have any questions,
leave them in a comment and I will answer them
as soon as possible.
I'd love to have you stop by my blog
and check out what else I've been up to.
Until next month, have fun creating!