Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Stenciling a background

 It's time again for a craft tutorial from
Kristie from 
Today I'm showing how to do some stenciling 
to create an interesting background.
For this background I am using Distress Inks 
in Victorian Velvet and Worn Lipstick.
I used blending tools to apply the 2 colors of ink
to my white card stock.
I continued adding ink until I was happy with the
color and look of the background.
I used a stencil with different shapes, choosing the hearts.
Using an old gift card, I applied Embossing Paste
over the stencil.
Embossing Paste can be applied with a palette knife, 
an old gift card, like I did here, or even a piece of card stock.
Just apply it like you are frosting a cake.
You can apply it very thin or thicker, it's all a matter of taste.
I would recommend cleaning the stencil and any tools as
soon as possible as this paste dries very quickly 
and is very permanent, once it dries, it's almost impossible
to remove.
Here is how the background looks when it is done.
Another method is to use ink.
For this background I used Distress Inks
to make the background.
I then used white ink and applied it with a 
make up wedge sponge over the stencil.
Here is the card I made with this stenciled background.
Stencils can be home made also.
If you have a die cutter, such as a Silhouette or a Cricut,
you can cut any shape you have available.
You can do this with a light acrylic or even card stock.
If you don't have a die cutter, you can use a punch or cut 
shapes with a craft knife.
As you can see, my stencil doesn't cover the entire 
area that I wanted to stencil, so it doesn't have to be 
an entire sheet.  You can pick up the stencil and move it
around to where you want the shapes on your background.

There are many kinds of Embossing Paste available.
Some are thin, some are thick, some have sparkle, some have
color and some don't.
It's all a matter of taste and preference.
You can also color your embossing paste with 
ink, stains or paints,
just add the color to a small amount of paste and mix it together,
then apply to your project.

I hope this tutorial will inspire you to try some stenciling.
It's fun and a great way to add something a little
different to your project.

Thanks for stopping by,
I hope you'll stop by my blog
and see what else I've been creating.
Now go have some fun crafting!

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