Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Let's talk about buttons.

Hi crafty peeps!
Kristie here today and I'd like to talk about buttons.
I love to use buttons on cards and scrapbook layouts,
but sometimes they can be difficult.
Every try to thread ribbon through a small hole on a button
 and it just doesn't fit? 
 Or try to get yarn or embroidery floss through those holes
and get all those pesky little threads through.
I've got a solution for the problem.
Floss Threaders!
This is the kind I have, but there are different brands,
you can find them in your local drug store. 
They are meant to be used when you have braces
and have to thread your dental floss behind the braces
 to floss your teeth.
But they are great for threading other things.
Here are the supplies I'm working with today.
Take one threader and loop a piece of ribbon through it,
 just like if you were threading a needle.
But this is easier as you don't have to deal with a tiny eye. 
In fact this is a great way to thread a needle too.
Pull the threader through one of the button holes. 
If the ribbon or yarn is thick, you may need to give it a good tug.

Then thread it back down through the other hole

and you are set,
the ribbon is through those tiny little holes with no problem.

Now just tie a bow and you are good to go.

Or pull the ribbon to the sides and you can secure it on the back.
 Have you ever gotten something made and then
find that you don't have the right color of ribbon to match your project?
Here is a quick and simple solution.

Take a scrap of whatever paper you have used for your project and cut a very narrow strip.

See, very narrow.
Now just thread it through the button holes.

Criss cross it on the back of the button
Secure it with a glue dot, or another adhesive,
 which will also adhere it to your project.

Now you have a threaded button that matches your project perfectly.
I hope you have found these tips helpful and will remember them the next time you have to thread some buttons.
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Until next month, have fun creating!

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