Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Making clouds

Hello fans! 
Kristie here today from Kristie Kreates
Rachelle invited me to be a guest poster on her blog and
I was totally honored and thrilled to do it. 
I will be posting on the first Wednesday of each month and this is my first post here on Mashed Potatoes and Crafts.
Today I'm going to show you how to put some clouds in the sky on a card.
It's an easy technique and doesn't take a lot of special tools or supplies.
There are a couple ways that you can create your cloud masks.
Above I have used a piece of scrap card stock and drawn some clouds.
They are pretty simple to draw, as you can see, I didn't draw anything very complicated.

Next you will need to cut the clouds out.
The 2nd way you can create cloud masks is to use a punch.
The 3 clouds at the top were punched from a cupcake punch.
They are the frosting part of the cupcake. 
I used a Stampin' Up punch for these.

Now that they are punched out,
adhere them to the piece you want to create the sky on. 
Be sure to use removable adhesive.  
I have also masked an area at the bottom that
I want to have remain white.

Using blue ink and a blending tool apply the ink over the surface of the card.  I used Distress Ink and a foam pad on a blending tool, but you don't have to have these supplies.  You can use any kind of ink and if you don't have a blending tool, try a make up wedge.
Once you have the sky looking the way you want it, you are set to remove the masks. By the way, if you want to use a couple colors of blue or even some pinks or purples, that is fine too.  It's your sky, so make it whatever color you want.

After the masks have been removed you have a pretty sky with clouds.
Depending on your card, you may want to stop here, but I'm going on to show you how I did the rest of my card.

I spread white glue over the 'hill' area on my card,
being sure to cover all of the white area.

Then I sprinkled glitter over the glue.
I do this right over the container I keep the glitter in,
but just in case, I have a scrap paper under it to
catch any glitter that doesn't stick.
The glitter can easily be poured back into the container this way.

I stamped the image, colored it and fussy cut it.
I put some Glossy Accents on the sled blades to give them shine.
I adhered the image to the card with foam tape to give a little dimension.
I looked at the card and decided that it looked a little empty on the right side, so I made another hill in the background, stamped, colored and cut a little house and trees and added that to the card.
Because the 2nd hill is over the blue background, it has a blue cast to it.
I like the differentiation that this gives. 
To prevent the color showing through, I could have cut a piece of white card stock to glue down to the card then covered that with glitter.
All in all, I'm happy with the way my card turned out.
Thanks for stopping by today.
  I hope you have learned something and been inspired to have some crafty fun.
Leave a comment if you will and if you have any questions, feel free to ask.
If you've been inspired, we'd love to hear about it, if you have a link to a picture of your project, leave it in the comments, so we can check it out.
The stamps I used are:
"Snowy Cabin" (#13807)
Both these are available from QKR Stampede

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