Monday, September 17, 2012

Beautiful Roses in the Fall

As a wedding planner, I've smelled a rose or two but life never seems to slow down! I love this time of year and the roses in front of my shop are still blooming. Here's a few tips to help you enjoy those flowers of romance a bit longer.

Deadheading roses--If you aren't out trimming them for glorious bouquets then you need to keep up with deadheading your roses. Once the bud is spent, wilted, petals are falling off, go ahead and clip that rose off. Take your little hand pruners and find a shoot of leaves that has 5 leaves--Count them, there will be 5--cut the stem right below the first grouping of 5 leaves. This prevents the plant from expending energy into the preservation of that particular blossom and it also helps with insect control.

Clusters of blooms--How to deadhead?
If you have an antique rose or other variety that blooms in clusters, you can't identify the true leaf or group of 5 leaves. In this case, it is best to concentrate on removing the spent blooms, pruning the plant to encourage the best production.

Check for insects--When you are out in your rose garden, trimming or smelling, turn over a few leaves and examine them for presence of insects. Some roses have problems with white mealy flies, aphids, and other small insects. Sometimes spraying them with water will dislodge the critters but other times you'll need to rejuvenate your soil, overall rose health or use a spray for the pests.

These tips will keep your roses producing throughout the season. Most important, IMO, if you don't stay up on deadheading, the blooms will diminish. This has been a busy summer for Pyper's Dream Weddings and my roses have seen some neglect, but even with the little bit I've been able to do they are still blooming for me.
So, stop and smell the roses, but remember to deadhead too!

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