Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Duct Tape Crafting

Who doesn't love Duct Tape? Now it comes in every color of the rainbow and crazy-fun patterns. I've seen people making duct tape purses, clothes, you name it!
 While visiting good ol' Rupert, Idaho (my homeland!) I tried my hand at a little duct tape design. My niece Bryn wanted a house for her teeny-tiny dolls so my mom and I whipped out some pink duct tape and reshaped a cardboard box.
There's really not much brain work involved here--just cut pieces of tape and wrap them around the cardboard, tape together two sides in a point for the roof. Okay, the flower is a bit of creative spice, but Mom came up with that one. Cut pieces of tape into flower petal shapes and attach them to each other in a spiraling pattern.
 I think it looks pretty snazzy and we even colored in the back of the cardboard house for the dollies.
 Then we made a little box for Bryn's miniature tea set.
 She loved her PINK surprises and we all had a lovely tea party with the dollies--shoulda got a picture of that!
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